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Primex 1630/1600 Comparison
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Exceptional Productivity for Ultra Fine Line Resolution Primex
  • Collimated scanning light source.
  • Ultra fine line resolution to 1 mil.
  • Equipped with medium, fine and ultra-fine collimating grids to fit your throughput and resolution requirements.
  • High intensity exposure unit.
  • Operation at 3 levels of power: 4Kw/7Kw/9Kw.
  • Medium pressure additive lamps with spectral response that can be tailored to your processing needs.
  • 60,000 BTU (5 ton) air conditioning unit can be conveniently located inside or outside building.
  • Optional in-house chilled water system capability
  • Maintains stabilized frame, artwork and board temperature during exposure.
  • No warm air released into exposure room.
  • Internal temperature sensor monitors cabinet temperature and controls air conditioner/chiller as required.
  • Sliding door on each side of machine offers easy access for preventive maintenance.
  • Optional clean air module removes 99.5% particulates down to 1 micron. Reduces or eliminates need for costly clean room setup.
  • DC driven, highly durable, dual chain tray drive system.
  • Super fast vacuum draw down.
  • Minimized footprint.
  • Design complies with international (CE) standards.

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